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Dog Training Classes Barnstaple

Teenage &  Adult Group Dog Training

Has your once cute, cuddly, well-trained puppy suddenly turned into a bit of a terror? If so, you may have entered your dog’s teenage phase.

  • Don’t panic; it happens to every dog around the age of 20 weeks.

  • Though it may feel like all your hard work is being undone, it’s something you need to guide them through, perhaps with a bit of extra training, which is what we’re here for.

  • OR, perhaps you have an older dog whose training needs some fine-tuning, or there are some issue areas that could be addressed.

  • Do you need your dog to come back to you? Do you need more focus on walks?

  • Whatever your needs, we have classes to suit you and your dogs’ needs.

Upcoming Classes & Private Sessions

We have just finished the intermediate class after completing the puppy training. We have learnt so much from both classes that we can use forever. I would definitely recommend continuing to the intermediate class (teenagers are hard work!!) Rachael and her team have a huge amount of knowledge and understanding and have been a massive help both in and out of class.

Lisa Childs

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