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Hi, I'm Ashleigh Hammond
Assistant Trainer

Ashleigh began her career at Dogs Trust in 2015, after a number of years volunteering and studying Animal Care and Animal Management – she always knew from a young age that the animal industry is where she wanted to be.


She progressed to become a Rehomer at Dogs Trust, successfully matching hundreds of dogs to homes in more than five years in the role, before then spending time working for Guide Dogs, before then moving into the veterinary world as a trainee Vet Nurse.

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My Story

Ashleigh has a keen passion for animal welfare and works closely with Rachael and the team at the Haven Dog Centre, assisting with classes and helping to signpost and refer owners if behavioural support is needed.


She has experience in dog training and rehoming – including advising to help new dogs settle into homes - and is now learning her trade on the veterinary side. She looks back fondly at the hundreds of dogs she has put into loving homes forever and loves nothing more than hearing updates from them years later.


Ashleigh lives in the local area with her husband, Phil, their two pugs – Bronson and Kolo – and their two cats, Elsa and Hailey. As a lover of all animals, Ashleigh has also spent time fostering for Cats Protection and many dogs over the years from Dogs Trust.


I'm always happy to support people and their dogs to connect and grow together.

07977 914445

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