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Hello, I'm Katie Corin
Assistant Trainer

We are so pleased to welcome Katie Corin to The Haven Dog Centre’s team.

Katie currently helps out with the puppy parties held at Witten Park Vets in Northam, where she also works as a receptionist, and when time allows will help Rachael and her team with classes in the evening.

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My Story

Katie spent just over 2 years working at the Dogs Trust in Ilfracombe getting down and dirty with the homeless hounds in kennels. After leaving the Dogs Trust she spent a lot of time helping a puppy training class in Barnstaple, Puppy Matters, gaining lots of experience and knowledge.

She currently lives with Adah, a lurcher from the Dogs Trust, Lola a westie who is thought to be from a puppy farm and is a very nervous little soul and Hodgie, another little westie with a big personality! They all have their quirks, but she thoroughly enjoys working with all 3 dogs to overcome their troubles with positive reinforcement and lots of treats!

She has a keen interest in dog body language and is hoping to do Sarah Whitehead's talk dog! course very soon


I'm always happy to support people and their dogs to connect and grow together.

07977 914445

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