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Liam Landymore

Hello, I am Liam

Liam is our Co-Director with his mum Rachael and is KONG’s UK Ambassador, now working alongside KONG to promote and work closely with their products. He also owns his own side to the business, The Canine Emporium, selling KONG products at retail and to trade customers. Due to this, The Haven is very proud to say that KONG sponsors us.

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My Story

Liam has four dogs living at home with him Charlie, Sprout, Menace and Dora, not forgetting the 14 pet sheep he has, which, yes, he trains too!!

Liam founded Liam’s MOB (men on board) when he noticed not many men were involved with positive training methods. He wanted to do something about it.  He found that more men and boys were bitten by dogs than girls and women. Liam’s MOB encouraged more men to be proactive with force-free, positive training and to help prevent bites.

Liam started dog training at the age of 7 and started dog training courses at the age of 14, and his knowledge is constantly expanding. Liam first found his passion for dog training when he started training Charlie, who became his Dogs Helping Kids Support School Dog. Charlie helped Liam overcome depression and PTSD. Due to the help that Dogs Helping Kids gave Liam, he highlighted the great work DHK does and soon became DHK's, young ambassador and teenage advisor.

If you’d like to find out about booking a dog training class with Liam Landymore, get in touch now.



Winner of 'Young Animal Enthusiast’ category of the RSPCA Animal Hero Awards 2016

Dogs Today Unsung Hero Dogfest 2015 award winner for Being a positive example to others.
Radio one Teen hero Award Finalist 2015
North Devon Journal Community Young Champion finalist 2015

Applied for VSPDT accreditation

Cornish & Devon Post Liam Landymore Winner of 'Young Animal Enthusiast’ category of the RS
Daily Mirror Liam Landymore Winner of 'Young Animal Enthusiast’ category of the RSPCA Anim
Kong Company Ambassador Liam Landymore


I'm always happy to support people and their dogs to connect and grow together.

07977 914445

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