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Hello, I'm Sabella McPake
Assistant Trainer

Sabella has an extended diploma in animal management after completing a two-year course. During this time she had lots of hands-on practical experience with a vast variety of animals including exotic species.

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My Story

Sabella completed over two years of work experience with us at The Haven Dog Centre to help her gain the knowledge and confidence that she will need for a career in the industry. Sabella has always been passionate about working with dogs.  She grew up around them and now lives with a Jack Russell Terrier called Chester who is visually impaired.

 Sabella has a keen interest in training tricks as it can be very enjoyable for the owner and dog and helps to build confidence and trust between the two. She also has a passion for practising scent work with Chester as finds it fascinating to watch the way he follows scent trails during a search. 


I'm always happy to support people and their dogs to connect and grow together.

07977 914445

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