Puppy Life Skills 3

puppy having training at Puppy Life Skills 3 class

Force-free dog training – Puppy Life Skills 3

Puppy Life Skills 3 is the last in our series of force-free puppy training classes and is designed to build upon the skills your dog has already learnt.

Ideally you will have completed Life Skills 2 with us in advance, but please don’t worry if not – simply get in touch first so we can find out a little more about what stage your dog is at.

What does Puppy Life Skills 3 cover?

During this course we’ll advance upon skills learned in LS1 and LS2, looking at how we can train around distractions (does your dog go ‘deaf’ when there are exciting things around?!) as well as building up the duration of cues.

We’ll also add in some more fun tricks to keep your growing puppy actively engaged with training and keep learning exciting!

As with all our classes, LS3 uses force-free dog training to get the most out of your dog.


If you have a question, get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you.


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