Puppy Training Classes – Life Skills 2

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Puppy Life Skills 2

If your dog has some base level training but you’re looking to take things to the next level, Life Skills 2 is for you.

These puppy training classes build upon the basic training your dog has already received – but please note, you do not have to have completed Puppy Life Skills 1 with us.

Life Skills 2 is for dogs aged between 12 weeks and 20 weeks of age. Please note your dog must have had their full set of vaccinations to take part in this class.

What does the Life Skills 2 puppy training class involve?

Each of our Life Skills courses has been purposely designed by our expert trainers for a certain stage of your dog’s development. Skills are built up carefully in each four-week course, as and when your dog is ready.

Life Skills 2 looks at introducing cues and commands and aims to solidify training your dog has already done, such as loose lead walking.

We’ll also start to introduce some more fun learning games and also give you the tools you need to make positive associations with things like buster collars, which will make vet trips a fun experience for your puppy.

Once you have completed Puppy Life Skills 2, you will be able to progress on to Puppy Life Skills 3

    So, what does Life Skills 2 cover exactly?


    We need our dogs to listen to us whilst out and about and follow cues or behaviours outside of a home or class environment. We teach you the theory behind how you teach a cue so that YOU become the trainers and understand how to set your dog up for success in all environments. Your puppy isn’t just a performer; your puppy needs to learn how to successfully follow cues in a human world. That’s why we focus on teaching you how to use and teach cues in practical situations successfully.

    Loose lead walking

    In Life Skills 1 we cover the basics of leads, collars and harnesses, and teach you the importance of creating a positive association with these everyday items. Now it’s time to build our loose lead walking skills and bring in distractions! Out in the real world, there are noises, people, objects and vehicles for your puppy to contend with; we want to start introducing these now so you and your dog know how to respond successfully!


    Are you the most exciting person on the beach? We hope so! We’re going to be really testing your puppy’s recall skills in this next set of classes by bringing in distractions! We’ll be putting objects, people and other dogs in between you and your puppy and giving you recall skills that work in the real world.

    Fun and games

    This is so important! As you know, we want all your training with us to be fun as well as helpful. We’re going to be learning new games that help with cues and recall so that training is where the fun starts, not ends!

    Groomers and vets

    The vets and the groomers are two places that your dog is going to be familiar with, and we want these to be positive and fun experiences! In LS2 we’ll learn the buster collar game and other fun games that will make vet trips much less stressful for you both.

    And of course…

    As with all of our sessions, there is room for change! We adjust our classes to go above the curriculum or make things easier, depending on how things are going in class. We tailor the sessions to suit individual dogs and set you up for learning success.

    Once you have completed Puppy Life Skills 2, you will be able to progress on to Puppy Life Skills 3.

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