Puppy Classes

Please note all of our puppy classes can be held in person or via Zoom if preferred.

Puppy Skills 1

Excited to get your new puppy but a bit nervous about where to start with settling them in your home and start training?  Puppy Life Skills 1 is designed to give you all the tools you need to get training off to a positive start. We’ll help you tackle things like toilet training, crate training, leaving your puppy for the first time, jumping up, introducing leads and collars, and other foundation training tools that will boost your confidence as a puppy caregiver.

Puppy Skills 2

In Puppy Life Skills 2 we’ll advance upon foundation skills taught in LS1 and move on to things such as loose lead walking, food manners (is counter surfing familiar in your house?!), recall, and sit, stay, down commands. We’ll also start to introduce some more fun learning games and also give you the tools you need to make positive associations with things like buster collars which will make vet trips a fun experience for your puppy.

Puppy Skills 3

In Puppy Life Skills 3 we’ll advance upon skills learned in LS1 and LS2, looking at how we can train around distractions (does your dog go ‘deaf’ when there are exciting things around?!) as well as building up the duration of cues. We’ll also add in some more fun tricks to keep your growing puppy actively engaged with training and keep learning exciting!

Getting a puppy in lockdown was great but obviously, some things were not as easily available! Rachael delivered puppy training via Zoom and it was fantastic! Myself and Florence completed 2 X 4 session courses and it has been invaluable! Racahel was always available via our WhatsApp group and sent really great feedback on our videos etc.

I would highly recommend!

Claire Karslake


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