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Hello, I'm Phil Hammond
Assistant Trainer

We are so pleased to have Phil Hammond on The Haven Dog Centre’s team.

Phil began his career working with dogs at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe in 2016, starting as a part-time kennel assistant. He later progressed to a dog trainer, training and behaviour advisor and now his current role of regional behaviour officer. He’s now also on hand to assist Rachael, Liam and the rest of the team with classes at the Haven Dog Centre.

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My Story

His current role at Dogs Trust involves travelling between centres to train kennel staff in everything to do with dog training and behaviour, including teaching the organisation’s in-house dog training courses.


Previously he had over six years of experience working at a rescue centre, including the practical implementation of training plans and behaviour modification programmes for dogs, preparing them in the best way possible for life in a home.


He also has extensive experience in conducting training 1-2-1s with owners and prospective owners, helping to give them the advice and tools needed to help them and their dogs thrive. A highlight of his career so far was helping to deliver an overseas dog behaviour and training workshop at a rescue centre in Bulgaria to delegates from across the country. In his current role, he enjoys mentoring and coaching newer staff members, as it didn’t seem so long ago that he was in their shoes!


After studying Journalism at The University of Sheffield and then working in PR and Marketing for three years, Phil decided to change career and follow his true passion – dogs – a passion that started with his first dog, a border collie called Duke, whom he grew up with.


Phil lives in the local area with his two pugs, one of whom was his wife Ashleigh’s (also a member of the Haven team) when they met Bronson, and their second, Kolo, a rescue from Dogs Trust. Two little dogs with big personalities!


He loves nothing more than seeing progress in rescue dogs and seeing them go on to flourish in homes, and is now enjoying seeing both owner’s and their dog’s confidence soar as they progress through classes. He also has a keen interest in dog behaviour and welfare.


I'm always happy to support people and their dogs to connect and grow together.

07977 914445

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