Millie Robinson

Millie Robinson

Millie Robinson

Vet Physiotherapist

Millie Robinson has spent her entire life around animals, learning from an early age that their welfare and wellbeing were of utmost importance and strived to dedicate her life to helping animals in any way she could.

Fast forward a few decades, 9 of which were spent studying at university, a few career changes within veterinary and rescue work and Millie is now a fully qualified, self-employed veterinary physiotherapist who believes she has finally found her place!

With a BSc(Hons), AdvCertVPhys and an MSc under her belt, Millie is a level 7 qualified veterinary physiotherapist and a registered member of the Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP).

She also takes Nottingham University Vet School students on placement days with her for the trainee vets and vet physios and is discovering a love for teaching her subject. Regular CPD and personal research allow her to increase her knowledge as well as her physical tool kit of electrotherapies.

Millie’s love and passion for horses and riding has led her to have a large equine client base, whilst her adoration for dogs, their intelligence, and an interest in their behaviour, has led to an ever-increasing canine workload.

To spice things up a bit, Millie also treats more uncommon species such as cats, rabbits and even some county-level show-ring bulls, alpacas and once, a pig! In her eyes, any animal can benefit from physiotherapy and if there is a request for it, she will do it!

Millie lives in Somerset with an array of fur babies – 3 horses, 2 dogs, 2 bunnies and a cat. Bilbo is her adored Cockapoo who comes to work with her daily and has really helped in her journey into studying behaviour alongside physical therapies.

With the more recent addition of Winter, a Husky x White GSD, rescued just over a year ago, Millie has been working hard alongside Rachael to find suitable, gentle yet effective ways of training Winter using ACE techniques to re-educate this special girl to cope with the outside world.

With Covid-19 changing work life, Millie was honoured to be asked to start teaching on The Haven’s Intro to ACE programmes which are run by Rachael over Zoom, providing a physio’s point of view and teaching people about the benefits of a physically happy and comfortable dog.

The motto ‘NO pain, MORE gain’ has become the basis for the physiotherapy talks, emphasising the link between pain and behavioural changes.

With a keen eye for observations and a good knowledge of veterinary anatomy and common conditions, it is possible for Millie to help owners seek the correct advice, help and demonstrate suitable techniques over the internet!

Clinic days are also run at The Haven which allow people to benefit from the knowledge and help of our trainers as well as the physio aspect to provide complete, specifically tailored help for as many dogs and their owners in Devon as possible!

Millie Robinson with her horse and dog

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