Lisa Childs

Lisa Childs

Lisa Childs

Trainee Assistant Dog Trainer

Lisa was welcomed to the wonderful world of dogs in 2019 when Jasper, her friendly cockapoo joined her family at 9 weeks old, and she hasn’t looked back.

Lisa lives in Bideford with her husband, two teenagers and Jasper. She loves being out in the countryside exploring new places and enjoying nature.

She found her love for dog training with Jasper, through The Haven Dog Centre ever since she attended her first class when he was just a puppy, and their training has grown from there.

She has attended many of The Haven courses in order to gain a greater understanding of dogs and build a fantastic bond with Jasper.

Lisa became a part of the Friday Fun Club, which was a group of like-minded people finding fun ways to train their dogs. This was a great building block for her knowledge of dog training. She even got Jasper to ride a skateboard!!

She is now a member of Friends of The Haven, where she continues to learn and increase her understanding of dogs and she loves everything about it.

She has a huge interest in scent work. It brings Jasper and herself great joy. It is a great enrichment activity and makes their bond even closer. As she says “The sound of a dogs nose sniffing is hard to beat.”

Her other love is ACE. She was introduced to ACE by Rachael through her online course. It has been a huge benefit in Jasper’s life and her understanding of him.

Lisa is super excited about progressing her dog training journey with The Haven and is sure Jasper will be happy to help her along the way.

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