Hannah Spear

Hannah has many years of experience of working with a variety of animals at both animal sanctuaries and animal rehoming centres. She has completed several courses in canine behaviour including Intermediate Canine Psychology (July 2007) and Think Dog! Advance Behaviour and Training (December 2008). She has also completed A Beginners Guide to Canine Massage (November 2012) from the Canine Massage Therapy Centre. In 2014 she attended an Introduction to TTouch workshop and in 2015 she developed her skills at an Advanced TTouch workshop.

Hannah starting dog training at Canine Etiquette (which later changed to Puppy Gurus) in 2006, following the Association of Pet Dog Training methods. As with all trainers here at the Haven, Hannah firmly believes in using positive training methods. She is also a qualified Pets as Therapy assessor, a Dogs Helping Kids assessor, and has a keen interest in complimentary therapies and natural treatment for dogs.

Hannah lives with her three dogs, Tor, Kabel and Solace, all of which have come from rehoming centres. Tor is an ex-racing greyhound who joined Hannah’s family when he was four and a half year’s old. Kabel is a german shepherd cross springer spaniel, unfortunately, he had at least nine homes before he was a year old, at which point Hannah adopted him. Although she admits that he has been hard work (probably not helped by having so many homes), he has helped her to understand dogs better. Solace is a lively but lovely little girl, a staffordshire bull terrier cross who joined Hannah’s family when she was seven months old. Although she has not been with them for long, she is improving with her training every day.

Hannah’s aim is to work towards educating people to give them a better understanding of their dogs, leading to a more harmonious dog/owner relationship. Happy dog, happy owners!