Teenage and Adult Dog Training

Please note our teen and adult dog training classes can be held in person or via Zoom if preferred.

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Has your once cute, cuddly, well-trained puppy suddenly turned into a bit of a terror? If so, you may have entered your dog’s teenage phase.

Don’t panic; it happens to every dog around the age of 20 weeks.

Though it may feel like all your hard work is being undone, it’s something you need to guide them through, perhaps with a little extra training which is what we’re here for.

OR, perhaps you have an older dog whose training needs some fine tuning, or there are some issue areas which could do with addressing.

Whatever it may be, our teen and adult dog training classes are here to help.

How do your teen and adult dog training classes work?

All our classes are tailored to you and your dog. Because we keep class sizes small and always include two trainers, we are able to cater to individual dogs and their needs.

Let us know what problem areas your dog is having when you book and we’ll make sure these are addressed in your four-week course.

These classes are for dogs aged 20 weeks and over and are open to new and existing clients.

Please note, your dog must be comfortable around other dogs to attend this class. If you would prefer to book a 1:1 class for your dog please head here.

What do your teen and adult dog training classes cover?

As mentioned above, all our teen and adult dog training classes are tailored to the individual dogs attending; however, as a guide, we often cover the following areas:

  • Food manners
  • Working on the settle
  • Sit, down and stand cues
  • Loose lead work
  • Stay
  • Wait and recall
  • Plus, much more!

Dogs who complete our teen and adult training may wish to go on to our advanced training sessions.

We have just finished the intermediate class after completing the puppy training. We have learnt so much from both classes that we can use forever. I would definitely recommend continuing to the intermediate class (teenagers are hard work!!) Rachael and her team have a huge amount of knowledge and understanding and have been a massive help both in and out of class.

Lisa Childs


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